This page provides links to the artists  the professor has, or is currently working with. He DOES NOT interact with individuals or groups that do not serve to change the timeline by fighting the future. Names appear in alphabetical order. Click on the image to the left of the text for more information.

Anas Arabi  - انس عربي

Of Syrian origin Anas Arabii engineers, produces, raps (in Arabic & English) and is a member of Run Junxion. The professor often collaborates with him.


AY is the braintrust behind the HRMNY sound. Older brother of Moh Flow and has worked with many artists internationally. He is also a DJ and skilled producer. 

Dalal is a talented Saudi producer. She has a wide variety of musical sounds. 
DJ Lethal Skillz
The Middle East's number one Hip-hop DJ and pioneer. A giant in the landscape of Hip-hop in the region. He also produces and is based in Malaysia
Don Streat
Baltimore's Don Streat is a veteran emcee that crushes beats with his flow and rhymes. He's a beast and worked with many well-known artists in the industry.
Don Substance
20+ years of producing. Don Substance (aka Zeekiel) is a producer originally from England. Master of the soul sound and Boom Bap giant!
Flen LFoulene
Flen is a young rapper from Beirut Lebanon. Check him out.

Lebanese Emcee Koos is one half of Qawa3id Ishtibak along with producer Anas Arabi. The duo came together to create music with a purpose.


A pioneer in the region, producer, music composer and sound engineer and designer from Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. His fields of music include Hipihop, Rnb, Boom Bap, Soul, Experimental, Contemporary Hiphop, PBRNB and CircusMusiq. 

Moh Flow

The premier RnBass artist in the Middle East. Based in Dubai, Moh Flow sings, raps, produces and even worked with the likes of Pusha T and others. The front-artist for HRMNY, Moh constantly elevates his art and carries the region to new heights along with his brother AY and MindCircus behind his innovative sounds.

Qusai (aka Don Legend)

The undisputed king of Saudi Hip-hop. Qusai is a pioneer in the Middle Eastern scene and global ambassador of the region. TV star, producer, performer, teacher, and still going strong after 10+ years of working with a ton of artists locally and internationally. 


SFNX is the goat of English rap in Egypt and a Goliath in the region. He has worked with a number of artists locally and internationally and also the owner of his own clothing line bearing the same name. He is also one half of Bassline with Qusai.


Makkah's Shiboba is a force to be reckoned with. Jabs, punches, metaphors, an incredible voice, and blistering disses make him a landmark on the Saudi Hip-hop scene. 



SmallzBud is a rapper/producer/sound designer from Jeddah. His trap beats are fire and he is a one man wrecking crew.

Sullee Justice

Baltimore's Sullee Justice has worked with huge American giants from America from Crooked I, Royce da 5'9, and Ca$hi$ just to name a few. He has also worked with artists from around the world, including the Middle East. 

Tim Granite

Tim is the teacher, the Canadian OG and lyrical beast of Jeddah. Many rappers consider Tim a mentor and cite him as a major influence on their music. He has worked with many artists locally and internationally and has been rapping for years. 

Zarah Jones
Zarah is a singer/songwriter from England. She sings many styles, including but not limited to:RnB, Hip Hop, Dub Step, Liquid Drum n Bass, Bassline, Acoustic. She is also the frontwoman for the UK's Drum N Bass group 'The Renegade' ft. Ray Keith. 
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